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Before you can figure out your career, you have to spend the time to better understanding yourself. While many of us think we know ourselves, we spend little time actually working on ourselves. Everyone wants to be better; do better. It takes patience, self-kindness and a willingness to feel uncomfortable to achieve clarity around your intentions.

Start by following these tips for one month and see what happens:

Commit to allotting time every day to focus on you. Don’t focus on the time as much as you should focus on just being and breathing. Start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 20 minutes.

Once you have given yourself the gift of stillness, journal these questions: What makes me feel valued? What gives me satisfaction? How do I know I am making a difference?

The answers to these questions may not necessarily come easily and will change over the month as you become comfortable with the authenticity of what you feel and think. Peeling back the onion is hard work and necessary to get to the core of what career/life will make you feel valued and is worthy of your time.

A coach can work with you to bring clarity around your core values and how to transition your core values into your life and career. Developing the practice of focusing on you is a gift that keeps giving. Like everything in life, it takes practice and commitment to focus on yourself. Selecting a coach to work with you through this learning process is a good place to start!

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